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Moving Ahead: A Financial Empowerment Resource

Self-Paced Course

Moving Ahead covers a variety of important financial topics, including budgeting, managing debt, and improving credit. It has been proven to help survivors move from short-term safety to long-term security. You can complete the self-paced modules of this course in any order. After registering, use the menu on the left and select the hyperlink next to the computer screen icon to access each section of the course. In 'Course Resources' you will find a printable, PDF version of the course.

If you have privacy and/or safety concerns, here's some information to consider before registering. The name field has a 1-character minimum so you may use your initials if needed for safety purposes. An email address that can receive a one-time verification code is required. You can create a one-time use, anonymous email at Proton Mail is an option for creating a permanent, encrypted email account: If you do not wish to share or are not affiliated with an organization, you can enter N/A in the organization field. If you have questions, please email

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Course Requirements
Complete the activities within each module. It is recommended to complete them in order. When prompted within modules, return to this course page to add to the discussion board. Then complete any final assignments within the module.

Course Outline & Materials

Course Q&A
Course Q&A
Module 1
Course introduction
Module 2
Module 1: Understanding financial abuse: keeping safe and starting over
This module provides information about financially abusive relationships, financial safety planning, separation divorce and child support, disclosing abuse, and privacy challenges.
Understanding financial abuse-keeping safe and starting over
Gather important financial information
Important financial questions to explore when leaving your partner
Module 3
Module 2: Learning financial fundamentals
This module provides information about financial management, budgeting and saving, assets and liabilities, and banking options.
Learning financial fundamentals
Applying for Social Security benefits
Budgeting in action
Module 4
Module 3: Mastering credit basics
This module provides information about reviewing your credit report, understanding your credit score, improving your credit score, and understanding bankruptcy.
Mastering credit basics
Module 5
Module 4: Building financial foundations
This module provides information about financial paperwork, loan options, housing options, home ownership, and the mortgage application process.
Building financial foundations
Module 6
Module 5: Long-term planning
This module provides information about saving strategies, investment options, insurance, education opportunities, and financing education.
Long-term planning
Module 7
Course Evaluation
Please complete the course evaluation
Course Evaluation
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